Writing some New Year's Resolutions

We all want to change the world

I’ve always been snarky about New Year’s Resolutions, which apparently half of us fail. But faced with a bit of a belly, a growing family and an recently-confirmed genetic disposition towards certain health problems, I started entertaining the idea.

But I lack willpower and get bored easily, so rather than trying to do something big for a year, and surely failing, I’m setting myself 52 mini-resolutions, one per week, for the entire year.

Some healthy, some faddish, some easy, some genuinely difficult and probably one or two that are fairly stupid ideas but will make for interesting experiments. It’ll hopefully keep me engaged in the whole thing.

I’m going to try and do some of the most common resolutions, though I don’t smoke, so that’s out. I drink, in moderation. I drink to excess (usually by accident) once or twice a year, so I’m even immoderate in moderation. Don’t really have any other major vices to speak of, which seems now to be unbearably dull. Might aim to develop one or two during the year so that I can have a resolution to quit them.

Anyway, I’ve got the first ten or so resolutions mapped out. Beyond that, I’m open to your suggestions.

Goals. Those are important, right? Well, lose a bit of weight, prompt some positive lifestyle changes, see what it’s like to be vegan. That kind of thing. I’m pretty sure that’s specific enough and definitely won’t come back to bite me later. Tick.

Why publish this self-indulgent nonsense online? Well, partly for accountability. So that if I’m a miserable failure people can see I’m a miserable failure, and therefore to shame-threaten myself into positive action. Partly because I like the idea that this will be a kind of database of 52 health and lifestyle experiments, and my experience of undertaking them. And partly because of side-resolution A: write more. Here I am, writing. Good then. Tick. This is going well so far.

Here’s a picture of some storm-troopers working out.

Lego storm-trooper working out
Some storm-trooper working out. Attribution: lucidtech

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